August 02, 2004

New Jersey Nets may make me a Knicks fan once again

I love basketball. Love watching it. Used to love playing it (even though I suck). I also used to be a huge New York Knicks fan back in the day. By that I mean Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley, John Starks, etc.

When the Knicks did the unthinkable and traded Ewing, I lost faith in the Knicks and pretty much in the NBA. But my interest was renewed when Jason Kidd got traded to the New Jersey Nets back in 2001. Always an admirer of Kidd's dishing ability I was even more excited to learn about the Nets' decision to draft the Cincinnati Bearcats exciting forward, Kenyon Martin.

Fast forward three years later and the Nets have been without-a-doubt the most exciting b-ball team to watch. Between Kidd's amazing passing and Kenyon Martin's and Richard Jefferson's explosive dunks - the Nets satisified all of my hoops entertainment needs.

But now in an unprecedented stupid move, the Nets owners decided to save money and have traded away Kenyon Martin to the Denver Nuggets. complete insanity.

Not even the fact that this team might be moving to Brooklyn in a few years can save them now.

Let's go Knicks.

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