March 09, 2006 + Pandora = Music Heaven

Really digging Pandora and Between these two great services you have all you need to discover and listen to great new music (as well as your favorites).

Did I mention they were FREE?

tu11ym0n's Weekly Tracks Chart

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July 16, 2005

Midwest Product

Been a long, long while since I bothered posting (it's not like anyone reads this anyway!), but I feel compelled to write something about a band I've been listening to for the past few months—Midwest Product.

They're an instrumental outfit based in Michigan and frankly it's not easy to gather much info about them. Their website is located at One gets the impression they'd like to remain an enigma. Maybe they'd be open to a site redesign (hint, hint)?

So what do they sound like? Chances are you may have heard one of their songs in one of the recent Hummer commercials. That's what inspired me to find out who they were. Anyways, you could do worse than to imagine early New Order meets Metro Area with a pinch of Radiohead (Kid A) thrown in for good measure. In other words a very cool balance of electronic and live instruments. Good beats to move to along with arrangements that keep the ear and brain interested.

I hope they come to New York in the near future as I'd most definitely check them out.

Now if only they were looking for a lead singer...

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November 15, 2004

State of Alert - new Radio 4 video


My brother-in-law's band, Radio 4, has a brand new video making the rounds on MTV2 - and it's a damn good one.

From Anthony:

Roman here. Since I am currently under the weather and have very little to do, I am writing to request that you vote for our new video "State of Alert" on MTV Europe. I know it may seem that voting will get you nowhere these days, but you can exercise some of your anti-Bush sentiments by voting for this video. The song "State of Alert" is an indictment of the Bush regime and their willingness to use the fear of America to further their agenda and win elections (I still can't believe that happened). The video was expertly directed by our buddy Chris Cassidy and is by far the most overtly political thing that Radio 4 has done on screen. We are very proud of his work on this one. Since this voting is for MTV overseas it would be nice for Europeans to see that most of us are far from supporting this awful, awful man who is still our president.

You can check out the video using the following links...

RealPlayer: hi-bandwidth   lo-bandwidth
Windows Media Player: hi-bandwidth   lo-bandwidth

Please make sure to vote for State of Alert on the MTV 2 NME chart.

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