April 19, 2005

Adobe to Buy Macromedia for $3.4 Billion


IF this goes through, could this spell doomsday for Designers and Developers?

I've been trying very hard to see the "bright side" of this monopoly, but it ain't happening.

One can only hope that this will inspire new upstarts to compete with the Adobe/Macro megacorp and kindle innovation.

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July 29, 2004

New look

Finally got a chance to fiddle about with Movable Type and creating my very own template. It's not much (yet) but it's a start. I had to go with penguins as an homage to Lyle Lovett's tune "Penguins". Perhaps tomorrow I'll post the lyrics to that great, quirky tune.

In any event, i dig the color scheme — blue-grey/orange/light-grey.

Stay tuned...

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